NSWhatsApp 3D Apk Download January Update (Anti-Ban) 2023

NSWhatsApp 3D is a modified WhatsApp application that provides many additional features not available in the official version of WhatsApp. This is one of the most downloaded applications, with more than 100 million downloads on the internet.

Communication is an essential element of this world these days. Everyone wants to stay connected with his beloved ones. Technology has made it easier for people to communicate with each other. First, the telephone was invented, and it reduced distances. After some time, Mobile phones were introduced, which was a massive revolution in the communication world. Android Mobiles are very common these days, and many connectivity and social media applications are available on the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications to be connected with your beloved ones. Everybody wants to use WhatsApp, but there are some limitations in the application which must be addressed. So, we are introducing you to a new application called NS WhatsApp, which is beneficial and fantastic. This is just like a traditional WhatsApp App, but it has many additional features, which we will explain in this article.

Application NameNSWhatsApp 3D
Android Version4.3+
VersionLatest Version (January 2023)
Total Downloads100+ Million
App size56.4 MB
All FeaturesAvailable
Last Updated02 Days Ago

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an application that Facebook owns. This is one of the most downloaded applications due to its easy-to-use interface. You can make Audio Calls, Video Calls, and Conference Calls, Send photos and videos, share documents, and much more. This is the finest communication application that everyone has on their mobile. It provides a lot of limitations to the user covered by the different applications, but one of the best applications is NSWhatsApp 3D Apk. Let us tell you more details about NS WhatsApp Download.

What is NSWhatsApp 3D Apk?

NSWhatsApp 3D is the latest application in the WhatsApp series, which provides many additional features that are not available in the traditional version. This is a rising application that has more than 100 million active users. The features available in this application are unique and easy to use. You can change a contact’s icon, change the chat’s background, hide your status, make unlimited video calls, send larger files of media to your contacts, and much more.

NSwhatsapp 3D

Many themes are available, making your outlook on the application very beautiful. The main advantage of NS WhatsApp is that its updates are regularly released in which the developers fix all the bugs and problems if there are some. There are different font styles that you can use while you are texting. In short, this remarkable application provides you with many unique features that are not available in any other application.

FeaturesWhatsAppNSWhatsApp 3D
Video CallsYesYes
Audio CallsYesYes
Share PicturesYesYes
Save Pictures and VideosNoYes
Save Profile PictureNoYes
Download StatusNoYes
Lock ChatsNoYes
Hide View StatusNoYes
Media RestrictionsYesYes
Selective Contacts SharingYesYes
Download Multiple MediaNoYes
HD QualityNoYes
Video LimitsYesNo
Color SchemeNoYes

Why NSWhatsApp 3D is Best?

Many reasons and features make this app the best application in this category. Let us tell you all the fantastic and unique features of NS WhatsApp.

NSWhatsApp 3D apk

Customized Layout

Customized Layout

You will have a lot of themes and colors in the application, which you can use to customize the application’s layout. People have become tired of using an application with the same looks. This application allows you to change your chat screen whenever you want.

Anti-Delete Messages

anti delete messages

If someone has deleted his sent message from both sides, then you will never be able to get that message again in WhatsApp. But with this app, the messages will not be deleted from your chat, and you can read them easily whenever you want.

Save View Once Pictures

save pictures

View Once in WhatsApp is available when someone sends you a photo or video. After opening that media file once, you will not be able to see that file again. But with this app, you will have a download option to help you save those pictures and videos in your phone gallery. Furthermore, you will be able to see that photo or video again and again whenever you want.

You Can Freeze Last Seen

Freeze Last Scene

You can freeze your last seen time with this app. The last seen time will remain the same whenever you will come online. This is a fantastic feature; your contacts will never know that when you were online last time.

Disable Forward Notification

Disable forwarder

Everyone gets a tag of “Forwarded” with a file if you have sent a file from another contact. But with this app, you can disable that Tag, and your friends will never know if the photo or video is forwarded from another chat.

Status Saver

Status Saver

You will get an opportunity to download and save the statuses of your contacts. This unique feature is unavailable in any other application because it will never provide the download status option. You can save pictures and videos of your contacts from their status without demanding them to send you in personal chat.

Recieve Update Notifications

Update Notifications

This application is regularly updated, and you will always receive notifications of newly released versions. This is the best thing that keeps you updated, and you will get all the latest features of the application in time.

Media Sharing Limits Disabled

Media Sharing Limits

Normally, You can send the media file up to 25 MBs but with NSWhatsApp, your limitation of size is resolved. Now you can send a file up to 100 MBs with the help of this application. This is a useful application if you are going to share some large videos or any other document. Additionally, the quality of shared media is increased due to which the receiver will get better quality files.

User-Friendly Interface

friendly user interface

NS WhatsApp is a very easy application to use just like normal WhatsApp. There are no limitations for users or they may feel any complexity during the usage of any feature.

Emojis and Stickers

emojis and stickers

There are a lot of Emojis and stickers available in the chat option which will make your chat more interesting and funny if you are texting with your friends and family. You can share your emotions with the help of these emojis and stickers.

Chat Lock

Chat Lock

Privacy is a great concern for everyone. NSWhatsApp 3D will provide you the option of locking a specific chat. This is a good feature if you want to hide a chat from everyone. If someone will have your mobile phone but still he will not be able to open your locked chats.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply

You can set a predefined message if you are going to sleep. NSWhatsApp will automatically reply to the contacts about your current position or situation. Like if you are going to attend a meeting, then you can set a message that you are in a meeting. Anybody who will send you a message will receive your auto-reply and he will wait for you.

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled Messages

If there is a birthday of your beloved one and you want to wish him/her at any cost then you can use the scheduled messages feature. You will set a message text with a delivery time and the message will be automatically delivered to him/her at the exact time without any delay or problem.

Download and Install Guide

  • Enable the download from the Unknown Sources option in Settings.
  • Go to the download button given above and download the APK file.
  • Go to downloads of your browser.
  • Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Let the process of installation complete.
  • When the process is completed, go to your applications list and enjoy this wonderful and fantastic application.

Closing Remarks

Communication is an essential element of any society as we all are social animals. So, to communicate in a better manner, there are a lot of applications these days which are very useful. NSWhatsApp is one of the best applications among all. You will get a lot of unique and different features in this application that is not found anywhere else. There are a lot of other applications like GB WhatsApp and GB Telegram Mod Apk which you may like. So, Download and enjoy NS WhatsApp 3D with all features unlocked.

Questions and Answers?

Q. What is NSWhatsApp?

This is a modified version of WhatsApp with a lot of additional features.

Q. Is NSWhatsApp a safe application?

Yes. This is a safe application that will not harm your mobile phone or data.

Q. Is NS WhatsApp Download available on the Google Play Store?

Currently, this application is not available on the Google Play Store but soon we may see it there.

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