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WhatsApp plus is the latest edition in customized versions of WhatsApp. This is the best application where you will get a lot of additional features like themes, anti-deleted messages, and restricted callers, etc. Today, we will tell you everything about this amazing application which could be the top priority of everyone in 2023.

WhatsApp is a very famous and common application that was released in 2009. This app is owned by Facebook, and currently, it has billions of active users. WhatsApp plus is the modified version of the original application, which is an amazing application. Today, we will tell you everything about this application, so please read the complete article and get the best idea before using this app.

DetailsApp Information
Application NameWhatsApp Plus Apk
Android Version6+
VersionLatest Version (2023)
Total Downloads90+ Million
App size56.2 MB
All FeaturesAvailable
Last Updated01 Days Ago

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp is a traditional communication app which is almost found in every mobile phone in 2023. In the previous 14 years since its release, there come very few changes in this application. So, to provide a better user experience to WhatsApp lovers, WhatsApp plus is invented, which has a lot of amazing and additional features that are not found in the normal version of this app. You will have different themes, a beautiful chat screen, upgraded privacy options, and much more. In this article, to provide our visitors with the best understanding that they can not get anywhere else, we will provide you complete details of the features of this application, a user guide to download and install, and also a comparative table that will give you the best understanding of this application.

WhatsApp Plus

What is the Importance of WhatsApp Plus?

There are many basic features that are not provided in WhatsApp. Like we will give an example of customization and restriction of callers. There is only one theme in the original application which can not be changed, and you don’t have any other option. Similarly, if you are connected to the internet, and someone is calling you, then you can’t do anything to avoid him. You can turn your wifi off, or you can block him. There is no other way you have. But WhatsApp blue plus will make you able to restrict him from calling you without turning off your internet or blocking him. So, basically, this is a 2023 application that is invented according to the demands of users. There are many other important features in this app that are essential for everyone, and we will tell you in detail in this article.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

We are showing you a comparative table of both applications which will help you to understand the major difference.

FeaturesWhatsAppWhatsApp Plus
Video CallsYesYes
Audio CallsYesYes
Restrict CallersNoYes
Save Pictures and VideosNoYes
Save Profile PictureNoYes
Download StatusNoYes
Lock ChatsNoYes
Hide View StatusNoYes
Customized ThemesNoYes
Media Size RestrictionsYesNo
Selective Contacts SharingNoYes
Download Multiple MediaNoYes
HD QualityNoYes
Video LimitsYesNo
Download View Once MediaNoYes

Who Invented WhatsApp Plus?

Currently, there are two big names that have invented this unique application. There are some differences in the features of both developers but overall these applications are the same. Let us tell you about these developers.

Alex Mods

Initially, WhatsApp plus was developed by Alex Mods, which was highly praised by the users. The developer has shown a huge concern about the additional features of this application, and he made it according to the demands of users. Here are some unique features which are provided initially.

  • Customized Themes
  • Additional Stickers
  • Blue Ticks are disabled
  • Animation in Emojis
  • Updated Server
  • Light/Dark Themes


HeyMods is another team of talented developers who always make the best applications. When they saw the popularity of WhatsApp plus Heymods by AlexMods, they decided to develop their own application, which provides additional amazing features from the previous version. These additional features are listed below.

  • Change the color of blue ticks.
  • Hide Status View option.
  • Chat online Pop-up.
  • Status View Pop-up (Pop-up when someone watched your status).
  • Improved privacy and chat locks.
  • Users can read deleted messages.

What are the Features of WhatsApp Plus?

Now, we will tell you the complete information of all features which are available in both versions. We have provided a download link for our visitors to download the official applications after reading about all the features available in this unique application.

Anti-Ban Feature

Anti Ban

Normally, when you use a modified application, then there are chances of getting banned. But the developers of this application have developed an Anti-ban feature, due to which your account will not be banned, and you can use it like a normal application.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

This is a safe and secure application, and you will not face any sort of privacy or security breach when you use this application. So, download and install it without any fear of data loss.

Free to Download and Install

Free to download

This is a free application to download and install. You will get access to all its features without paying anything. Download this application from the download button given above and enjoy all the amazing features.

Fast Server

Fast Server

The server of this application is very fast, and you will never face any sort of delay in sending messages or downloading and sharing media. This is a good thing because we often face issues with WhatsApp servers, and we remain disconnected for some time. But WhatsApp Plus apk is connected to the fastest server, so you will never face such an issue.

Friendly User Interface


This app is very easy to use, just like normal WhatsApp, because it has the same interface but with some friendly features. If you are new to WhatsApp plus Apk, then you will not feel any problems while using any feature of this app.

Beautiful Themes Support


This app is supported by more than 4100 themes which make your chat screen beautiful, and it will give you the feeling of a premium application when you are talking to someone. Whenever you get bored with your previous theme, then you will have a huge list of different themes which you can select for your own application.

Unlimited Calling


You will enjoy unlimited and interrupted audio and video calling. This is an amazing feature, and you don’t need to pay for your service providers to make a call.

WhatsApp Web Support

WhatsApp Web

This application supports WhatsApp Web, just like the original application. So, you will not feel any difference while using this application, just like the normal version of WhatsApp but with a lot of additional features.

Read Deleted Message


Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature for deleting messages from both sides. If someone sent you a text and then he deleted it from both sides, then you will never be able to get that message. But the developers of this application have enabled the feature that if someone deleted the message, then it will remain in your chat, and he will never know about this.

Download View Once Media


Another amazing feature you will have is a download view once media. You can download that photo or video without the knowledge of the sender. It will also stay in your chat for 15 days, and you can check it anytime you want.

Emoji Reaction on Chats and Statuses


You will have a lot of additional emojis and stickers which you can use to react to a message or a status without searching it in your list. This is the best feature which you can use to show your reaction to a text or status.

Send Larger Media Files


You can send media files up to 100 MB with this application, as before this app, the limit was just 25 MB. This is the best feature of this application because you will be able to send larger files in good quality.

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze Last Seen

You can freeze your last seen time, and your contacts will never know that when you are online. It will seem to be like you are not online for some previous days, but in fact, you are using this application on a daily basis.

Disable Blue Ticks and Double Ticks

Blue tick off

You can disable your blue ticks and double ticks (delivered message indication), and your contacts will never know that you have read their message or that the message has been delivered to you. You can also enable double ticks when you reply to someone. Otherwise, it will seem to be like the message is not delivered to you yet.

Hide Profile Picture and Statuses from Selective Contacts

Hide profile picture

You can also hide your profile picture and status from your contacts. The DP and Status will only be visible to the selective contacts which you select according to your choice.

Restrict Callers

Restrict Calls

This is a negative thing in WhatsApp that you can not restrict your callers if you are busy with your friends and family on vacation or you are in a meeting. If you are connected to the internet, then you will definitely receive the calls. You will have only two ways to avoid this thing. Either you have to block them, or you have to turn off your internet. You can put your mobile on silent, by the way. But WhatsApp Plus have a permanent solution to this problem. If you are in a meeting, then you can restrict everyone from calling you. You will also have an option of allowing some selective contacts who may be able to call you. Rest all calls will be rejected automatically.

Additional Features List

There are many additional features which are listed below. You can;

  • Change the font styles
  • Change the chat screen
  • Change the Chat Background
  • Download Status and profile picture
  • Disable forward message indication
  • Chat locks
  • Hide chat names
  • Change blue tick color and shapes
  • Enable Contacts online notification
  • Enable Status View notification
  • Enable Anti-delete statuses
  • Copy the Bio
  • Hide media from Gallery
  • Backup and restore data
  • Limit chat auto delete to 24 Hours
  • Enable Status features.
  • Enable do not disturb archive chats.
  • Hide the Application from Homepage
  • Disable frequently contacts list.
  • Add emojis variant from Old WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook and Android O.
  • Change Launcher Icon with 75 different Icons.
  • Get regular updates.
  • Enable Instagram Like Stories.
  • Set Your name instead of WhatsApp Plus in the Home Screen of your mobile.
  • Enable Airplane mode.
  • Change Tabs background colors.
  • Change Unread messages color.
  • Change Unread counter text color.
  • Change Home UI Style
  • Set floating action button.
  • Hide chat devider
  • Set different ringtone for all contacts.
  • Hide recent chats and much more.

Just download and explore this amazing application.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus Blue?

  • Enable the download from the Unknown Sources option in Settings.
  • Go to the download button given above and download the APK file.
  • Go to downloads of your browser.
  • Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Let the process of installation complete.
  • When the process is completed, go to your applications list and enjoy this wonderful and unique application.

Closing Remarks

There are many applications which are providing services of communication, like Viber, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram, but WhatsApp is the most famous application which is commonly used for a decade. Somehow, there are some highly required features which are not available in the normal application, so Alex Mods developed the WhatsApp Plus apk, which was later improved by HeyMods by fixing the bugs and improving the stability of the app and enabling more amazing features in the application. We will strongly recommend you download and install this unique application and discover all its amazing features of it. In our article, we told you all features of this application which you will never find in any other place. Please don’t forget to give your perspectives and opinions in the comment box if you like the article. Thank you….!


Q. How can I install WhatsApp plus Apk?

We have provided a complete installation guide above which you can read and get a better idea how to install this application.

Q. Is is safe to install WhatsApp Plus?

Well obviously. This application is developed by very well reputed developers and you can download and install it without any fear.

Q. How can I get Updates about new version of WhatsApp Plus?

You will be automatically notified about the new version of application when you open the app. Moreover, there is also in-app feature where you can check the latest update of this application.

Perspectives and Opinions

There are many celebrities and business people who are using WhatsApp plus. We have some reviews of them on how they found this application.

  • Alex Moro was using this app on his second mobile, which was Android. He said he had given the number to his fans and felt this app was comfortable because he could reply whenever he got time. Otherwise, no one can disturb him.
  •  John Woods said this is an amazing application. I was tired of using traditional WhatsApp, but when I found this app, my life became colourful, and I enjoyed talking to people.

There are some Quotes about WhatsApp plus, which are as follows.

WhatsApp Plus Quotes

So, get this amazing application right now and enjoy it….!

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