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YOWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp in which we have enabled a lot of additional features which are not available in the original version. WhatsApp is a communication application that is very popular for a decade. But with the passage of time, users demand a lot of additional features that’s why Yo WhatsApp is developed to give the users the best services according to their demands.

Today, we will tell you about YoWhatsApp Apk which is the best and most modified version of WhatsApp. The developers have enabled a lot of additional features in this application which we will explain to you in detail. We will also tell you about the latest improvements done in the current update.

Application NameYOWhatsApp Apk
Android Version4.3+
VersionLatest Version (2023)
Total Downloads902+ Million
App size56.2 MB
All FeaturesAvailable
Last Updated01 Days Ago

What is YOWhatsApp Apk?

WhatsApp is a very common application that is used by people to be connected with their friends and family. WhatsApp is ruling all other communication apps since its release in 2009. It has been 14 years now and people get bored of using an application that looks like same as it was in 2009. There are many features in the application which are not been changed in 14 years. So, keeping in view the user demands, YOWhatsApp is invented by the developers which have a lot of additional and unique features that are not available in the original version. There are two versions of YOWhatsApp that are developed by FOUAD MOKDAD and HEYMODs. Today, we will tell you about all the amazing features of both YO WhatsApp Applications so that when you will download and install it, you will not face any problems.

YoWhatsApp Apk

First of all, we are providing you with a brief table where users can compare the features of this modified version and the original version. After that, we will tell you about all the features in detail.

Video CallsYesYes
Audio CallsYesYes
Media SharingYesYes
Save Pictures and VideosNoYes
Save Profile PictureNoYes
Download StatusNoYes
Lock ChatsNoYes
Hide View StatusNoYes
Media Size RestrictionsYesNo
Selective Contacts SharingYesYes
Download Multiple MediaNoYes
HD QualityNoYes
Video LimitsYesNo
Color SchemeNoYes

Features of YOWhatsApp

There are many amazing features in YO WhatsApp which we will tell you about in detail today.

Hide Your Last Seen

Last Seen

You can hide your last seen from all contacts or some specific contacts of your choice. Nobody will come to know that when you were online last time. This feature is amazing because no one will disturb you until you do not want to reply to them.

Restrict Callers from WhatsApp

Restrict Calls

WhatsApp is a good application but there are some limited features that disturb a user. If you are connected to the internet then anyone can call you. You just have two options. Either you can turn off your internet or you have to block him if you can not talk to him. There is no other way. But YOWhatsApp enables you to restrict callers without blocking them or turning off your internet. You just need to select the option “Recieve call from nobody” and you are done. You can also make some selected contacts who can call you.

Hide Profile Picture from Selective Contacts

Hide profile picture

If you don’t want that someone should not see your profile picture then you can restrict them with YOWhatsApp. This is a wonderful feature that is not available in the original version.

You can disable the “Forwarded Message” Notification


If you receive a greeting message on Christmas, Eid, Holi, or Dewali then you can forward that message to your contacts and they will never know that this is a forwarded message. Because notification as “FORWARDED” will be disabled.

Send Media Files in Bigger Size


In the original version, you can only send media files up to 25 MBs. But with YO WhatsApp, you can send media files up to 100 MBs. This is a good feature because it enables you to send bigger files in good quality to your friends and family.

Anti-Delete Messages Feature


Recently, WhatsApp has introduced a feature of “DELETE FROM BOTH SIDES”. If someone sends you a text and he deleted the message then you will never be able to get that message again. But YOWhatsApp makes you able to get those deleted messages in your chat. If someone deleted his message then it will not be deleted in your chat.

Anti-Delete Status till 24 Hours

Anti delete status

If anyone of your contact has posted a status and deleted it in some time, it will not be deleted from your statuses list until it takes 24 Hours of its updation time.

Disable Blue Ticks from the Chats

Blue tick off

You can disable the blue ticks if you have read someone’s message. He will never know whether you have read his message or not.

Get a lot of extra Emojis and Stickers


You will get a lot of extra beautiful stickers and emojis in your YOWhatsApp. It will give you an edge in that you can share your feelings with emojis and stickers.

Customize WhatsApp with YO Themes


Everyone is tired of the same look of WhatsApp since 2009. The original version is not changed and people are chatting in that old fashion chat room. YO WhatsApp enables you to get 4000 YOThemes by which you can change the chatroom according to your choice. This feature makes your user experience better and more beautiful.

Save View Once Pictures and Videos

Save view Once YOWhatsApp

Last year, WhatsApp has introduced a feature of view once. If someone shared his picture or video and he set its privacy as View Once then after watching that picture or video once, it will be disappeared from your chat and you will never be able to get that file again. But with YOWhastApp Apk, you can download that picture in your media gallery. Also, it will stay in your chat for 15 days. You can watch it anytime you want.

Receive Regular Updates

Regular Updates YOWhatsApp

Whenever there comes a new update, you will get a notification of a new update or new version. This feature will make you able to stay updated and enjoy the latest and improved features of this application.

WhatsApp Web-Supported Application

WhatsApp Web

For the previous 5 years, WhatsApp Web is very popular. If a person is always working on a laptop or PC and doesn’t get enough time to use mobile then he can use WhatsApp on his web browser. If you are using YO WhatsApp Apk, then you can also use this feature of WhatsApp.

Auto-Reply Feature


If you are going to attend a meeting and you do not want to miss some important messages, then you can set an auto-reply and tell them that you are in a meeting.

Chat Locks


You will be able to lock some personal chats if you don’t want that anyone can see them. Even if someone has your mobile and he opened your YOWhatsApp, still he will not be able to open and read that specific chat.

Hide the Contact Name of a specific Chat

Hide name

When you are traveling or you are in a gathering with your friends, then normally it’s a habit of people that he tries to read the chat if he is sitting beside you. With this application, you can hide the chat name and the person sitting beside you will never get any idea to whom you are talking.

Scheduled Messages


You can set a schedule message if you are using YOWhatsApp. With this unique feature, you will be able to wish birthday greetings or any other in time. You can also set this feature as a reminder of anything for your friends and family.

Additional Features

  • You can Disable delivered notifications.
  • You can make Endless video and audio calls.
  • YOWhatsApp has a User-friendly interface.
  • This is a Light application.
  • This app is Free to download
  • This app is Safe and secure.
  • You get an Anti-ban feature.
  • You can change your chat wallpaper.
  • You can ignore archive chats.
  • You can send up to 100 messages at the same time.
  • You will have multi Language option.
  • It makes you able to freeze the last seen.
  • You will be able to have three WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone.
  • You can enable blue ticks and double ticks after you reply to them.
  • You will have the YOMODs settings feature which is the latest one.
  • You can see the storage used by each chat.
  • A lot more features will be revealed to you when you use it.

Download and Install Guide

  • Enable the download from the Unknown Sources option in Settings.
  • Go to the download button given above and download the APK file.
  • Go to downloads of your browser.
  • Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Let the process of installation complete.
  • When the process is completed, go to your applications list and enjoy this wonderful and fantastic application.

Closing Remarks

YOWhatsApp is an amazing application that is a modified version of WhatsApp. This is a very good application that is better than all other GB Apps in different aspects. It provides you with a lot of additional and unique features which are not available in any other application of this category. YOWhatsApp 8.65 Download is a safe and secure application that you can use without any fear of privacy breach. For a better understanding of our users, we have provided all the details of the application and its features for our users which they can not find anywhere. Stay Blessed and enjoy the best application on your Android Smart Phone.


Q. Is YOWhatsApp supports WhatsApp Web?

Yes. It supports WhatsApp web just like the original version. We have already briefed in our article above for a better understanding of our users.

Q. Is this YOWhatsApp Apk safe to download?

Yes. This application is safe and secure. You can download and install it without any fear of privacy breaches or data loss.

Q. Can I share document files with YOWhatsApp?

Yes. You can share DOC and PDF files with this application. This is a very useful application if you are running a business and you have to share invoices with your customers which are in a bigger size then you can easily send them.

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